“I have been in Hollywood for a very very long time and I have been through million acting classes and had a million coaches, and I have to tell you, Adria Tennor in my opinion is one of the best …”

“Adria’s careful analysis of my work and her on-point insights and techniques have been immeasurable in helping me go from 0 auditions to several film and TV film bookings this year.”

“Adria is a Swiss Army knife of an instructor.”

“The best way to describe Adria is she’s like your peer. She’s right there with you. She meets you right where you’re at. She is there, rooting for you.”


“I see Adria as a mama bear, protective of her actors, and students, wanting the best for them. Not  just as actors, but as creatives and people.”

“She doesn’t only care about the work, she also cares about you. It doesn’t feel like I’m with a teacher, it feels like I’m with a friend, with a mentor that cares about us.”


This is my signature lab for actors and performers. The curriculum is completely directed and designed exclusively by and for its members.  Use this class to work on what is pressing in your career in real time. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

• Scene Study

Audition coaching/taping

• Self-tape strategy & setup

• Career Coaching

• Finding Reps & Networking

• Practice Agent meetings & generals

• Setting up & Optimizing casting profiles

Described as “a nest for actors” The Craft & Career Lab offers a strong sense of enterprise, artistry, community, and support. I bring a unique and invaluable perspective to my students because I not only have an extensive classical conservatory training from some of the best teachers in the world, but I also have an active career as a working, auditioning actor.

This is the class I always wished I could have taken.

Having honed my craft through years of study, I bring a solid foundation to the table with an awareness and understanding of a multitude of different acting methods. Moreover, being in the midst of the audition process myself, I intimately understand the challenges and nuances of the entertainment industry. This blend of experience allows me to provide practical insights, real-world strategies, and empathetic guidance that effectively prepare my students for success in both their training and their professional pursuits.

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Monday class 5-7PM PST

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CRAFT & CAREER LAB is the right fit for you.