“In theory, pitching to potential clients sounds pretty straightforward. But, in practice, as a new entrepreneur/digital marketer, not too sure of the services you are offering, it’s less easy than it seems.”

“Practising with Adria really gave me a taste of what to expect on a sales call and it’s helping me hone my pitch and feel more confident for when I do present to clients.”

“I’ve been looking for this specific service for years.”

“For so many people so many people getting your message across is such an important, basic thing and if you have to invest in something why not invest in something so basic and needed that it would impact every part of your life.”

“I thought I was signing up for a class to learn how to speak in public. Turns out I signed up to a class to understand what was holding me back.”

“The breathing exercises, the discussions, and the questions Adria asks really made me realize what was holding me back so that I was able to overcome those fears and have tremendous results.”

“By working in a group class I received feedback that helped me to show more of myself and feel more confident.”

“Every person I speak to now, I am bit more present, I’m a bit more capable of being responsive to what they’re saying as well as to what I’m thinking and feeling at the same time, and that’s not easy. “

“I’m more present and fluid in what I’m saying, in my ability to jump in and change as needed and respond in the moment accordingly.”




                        for entrepreneurs & executives

This is my transformative lab for entrepreneurs & executives who want to unlock the doors to  communication mastery. Together we will tackle nervousness and self-doubt as I guide you through proven techniques that draw from my knowledge of acting and performing, enabling you to relax into your own confidence, captivate any audience, and turn prospective clients into customers for life.

The curriculum is completely directed and designed exclusively by and for its members.  Use this class to tackle what is pressing or problematic in your career in real time. Here are just a few of the topics we will cover:

• Centering Vocal Exercises

• Quelling Nervousness

• Pitching to Prospective Clients

• Zoom technique, strategy & setup

• Closing Clients

• Creating On-camera Social Media content

• Feeling comfortable talking to a group

With over three decades as an accomplished actor and esteemed acting teacher, and a small business owner myself, I bring a unique blend of expertise to empower entrepreneurs and executives. Through my guidance, you'll dismantle limiting blocks and beliefs that hinder your professional growth, and foster a newfound assurance that will resonate in every pitch and presentation. By honing the art of genuine connection, you'll effortlessly win over prospective clients, build lasting relationships, and elevate your business to new, outstanding heights. Your journey to mastering communication begins here, under the tutelage of a seasoned professional who understands the transformative power of presence and persuasion. .

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